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With signature high-energy performances and flawless harmonies, Boomtown Saints are Nashville’s newest and arguably biggest up-and-coming rock-forward country band. And, they’re on a mission.

“We have established a reputation for allowing people to forget about their ‘real life’ for however long we are onstage,” says Chris Ramos of Boomtown Saints. Having evolved from their freshman moniker ‘Hopscotch Mafia’, these saints know a thing or two about taking over and making an impression.

Their mission is simple: keep a focus on true country roots, while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Boomtown Saints have some flawless upcoming releases, which I’ve been lucky enough to preview. While I wouldn’t usually call myself a huge country music fan, these guys have etched a special place into my playlist. They might just be turning me into a fan, after all.

Tell me about the early days…

  • BS: Originally, we were just wanting to have some fun and be memorable, so our original name was Hopscotch Mafia. It worked! Nobody ever forgot our name or show. We made a name for being a country band that turned whatever venue we were in into a party. As we started getting traction and getting noticed by labels, we realized we needed a name that was sustainable. We landed on Boomtown Saints.

I like it. Was it just two of you originally? What’s the backstory?

  • Ben was a solo artist and asked me to help him find a bass player for a last-minute show. I tried for two weeks with no luck. Three days before the show, Ben called me and said (word-for-word), ‘I just need somebody to stand up there, hold a stick and make it sound okay.’ I agreed thinking it was 8-10 songs. He sent me the set list and it was 36 songs. We went to the show and had fun, and then we were asked to come back before we left the venue that night.

  • We played another slow the next weekend and the same thing happened. After about two months of being booked to return before we left the venue, we realized we were onto something. We decided to give it a shot.

… And, I’m so glad you did! Your reputation certainly precedes you, in the best possible way. What the most important part of music to you?

  • We’ve had some crazy experiences as a band… lots of stories. But, we are most proud of establishing a reputation for allowing people to forget about their ‘real life’ for however long we are onstage. We are known as professionals who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ve surrounded ourselves with a band that is second-to-none — from both a technical and showmanship perspective. We are all God-fearing family men who take our craft seriously. But, we have fun while doing it.

What’s the craziest show you’ve played to date?

  • Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. We showed up to a one-story, three-bedroom house with a living room. It should have held 40-50 at most, but they piled in probably 150 people. Into one room. Our heads were nearly touching the ceiling and it was roughly 194° inside. It was the single most fun show/party we’ve ever been a part of.

How did you keep the music alive during COVID?

  • We wrote incessantly and began the recording process to be able to hit the ground running in 2022. We were fortunate to have a music publication who championed our music during COVID. We were able to do some livestreams and continue to push our independent singles. We went #1 in total spins in multiple markets across the South, which allowed us to come out of the shutdown with momentum. We also worked with our manager to establish relationships with multiple labels and various entertainment companies. This ultimately turned into what will be announced in the next four weeks.

Boomtown Saints’ first label-backed single “Blacktop Don’t” comes out this summer and will be hitting the radio nationally. They’ll be on the road for a good portion of the year promoting this and their second single “All Trucks Go To Heaven” (to be released in October). Check out their music and sign up to stay in the loop for upcoming shows — they will be a show not to miss!


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