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What Is "Faith First"?

While we understand that we are entertainers and therefore will not impute our personal beliefs onto others' lives, we still believe in Jesus and enjoy conversing with like minded individuals about The Bible. 

Faith First is a once weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) email with a faith based topic. This could be a story we experienced, a story we have been told, or simply a bible based thought that encouraged us. To view an example, simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

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An Example:

"I can't wait until all of the hardships are gone and we see what God has in store for us"

I had what I thought was an incredible idea that I have been thinking on and tweaking all week to send to this group today. Then I woke up this morning at 5am to rain and clouds, and everything changed. I laid there and my first thoughts were how disappointed I was that it was dreary and cold outside while wishing for a sunny and more comfortable day. After all, I've had seasonal issues with depression and anxiety since I was a little kid. As I got ready for church this morning I started thinking about a song my wife shared with me called "Tin Roof" by Chris Tomlin featuring Blessing Offor (which is also this week's song to listen to).  

The best written song allows you to interpret its meaning and apply it to how it fits your circumstances. Until today the song "Tin Roof" has always resonated as a picture of how peaceful heaven will be. That interpretation is what changed this morning. Let me explain ...

In both our career journey as well as our faith journey sometimes it's easy to get hung up on thinking about the future too much and not appreciating the present. "I wonder what it's going to be like in Heaven". "I can't wait for our next single to come out so we can see the growth from it". "I can't wait until we start seeing more Bible prophecies play out". It all becomes intertwined and today this song offered an immediate and profound NEW perspective ...

God created this earth. God created us. Every morning that we open our eyes and experience the elements (whether we love that particular time of year or not) we are experiencing a blessing from God and a glimpse directly into heaven. He made us in HIS image, and He created an earth that He is proud of. I think it goes without saying that He's probably pretty dang proud of Heaven as well. How can we completely disconnect the two? Somehow we do. The hook of the song is "I pray heaven is like rain on a tin roof", and this morning I realized that we experience God HERE ... DAILY! Sometimes we choose to not see it. Today I choose to change that thinking and appreciate the rainy days ... because God made them for me and you.


A scripture to reinforce the thought:

“In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it and his hands formed the dry land.”   - Psalm 95:4-5‬ ‭NIV‬‬


A song to listen to:

“Tin Roof”

Chris Tomlin feat. Blessing Offor

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