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After dominating the chart for 12 weeks at #1, "BLACKTOP DON'T" retired from CDX True Indie

The BOOMTOWN SAINTS have dominated independent country radio airplay for 3 months with their smash single "Blacktop Don't". As a nod to their success, they have received the distinction of being retired from the CDX True Indie chart after 12 weeks at #1. The True Indie chart tracks the airplay of country radio songs that do not have a full time radio team supporting the single. The success captured by the duo that has been called "2024s next big thing" has put them in a category that few artists have achieved on country radio. This achievement is a testament to the vocal performance of this budding duo, the seasoned production of producers Noah Gordon and Gary Kraen, and the promotional efforts by JR Hughes, Jay Thomas, Lynne Connolly, and the late great Jan Woods. If the success of 2023 is any indicator, 2024 is poised to be one for the record books for Chris Ramos and Ben Chism. Get ready world, here comes the BOOMTOWN SAINTS.

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Jo Palmer
Jo Palmer
May 07

Great performers, very talented and I would love to see them again

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