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Single Review: BoomTown Saints - "All Trucks Go To Heaven"

Today's Country Magazine | July 16, 2022

Since forming in 2018, BoomTown Saints (Chris Ramos and Ben Chism) have been turning heads and building a strong following; delighting live audiences with their energetic performances on the back of their self-proclaimed objective - “for people to have fun.”

After inking a deal with 8 Track Entertainment, they’ve now released their debut label single “All Trucks Go To Heaven.”

The song, written by Taylor Phillips, Ben Stennis and Jeremy Bussey, leans its basis against the age-old saying about man’s best friend, but of course in this case – as the title suggests – that best friend comes in the form of a pick-up truck that’s on its last legs.

Using incredible lyrics, they perfectly paint pictures through each of the verses of all the different ways that their longtime companion is starting to deteriorate:

That vinyl on the bench seat’s starting to tear, and there’s a new crack in the dash every week I swear...A little more static on the radio

That chrome’s bout bit the dust, That paint can’t fight the rust.”

All of this, however, surrounds the fact that he has to face the cold hard truth that it’s just a matter of time before he has to let her go, which leads into the chorus where he sings of what heaven could like for his old truck when it gets to where the streets of gold turn to wide open dirt roads, reliving snapshots of the past when his old bird dog rode shotgun, his Zebco was laying in the bed, and the Earnhardt sticker on the back window grabbed pieces of the sunset.

The harmonies of Ramos and Chism come together crisply in the chorus to wrap us intriguingly into their signature sound as it builds around an ultra-modern, radio friendly vibe. Most importantly, however, “All Trucks Go To Heaven” garners attention in all the right ways, while it also masterfully hypes the buzz for what’s still to come from this promising new duo.

Jeffrey Kurtis


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