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BoomTown Saints Receive DISCovery Award from Robert Oermann

Robert Oermann ||

Hot enough for ya? To match the weather, the country artists are heating up your summer playlist this week. Kat & Alex, Tiera Kennedy, a reggae-fied Dolly, Dylan Scott and Charley Crocket lead the way with fine new sounds.

The Disc of the Day belongs to the always effervescent Shania Twain. Check out her new bio documentary. It’s a winner, too.

The DISCovery Award is a toss-up between two duos–BoomTown Saints and O.N.E The Duo. Lend both teams your ears. You won’t be sorry.

BOOMTOWN SAINTS / “All Trucks Go To Heaven”

Writers: Taylor Phillips/Ben Stennis/Jeremy Bussey; Producers: Noah Gordon/Gary Kraen; Label: 8 Track Entertainment

–Tuneful and charming, the song laments the time when you have to give up your beloved but worn-out vehicle. The production is a delight, mixing burbling percussion with pristine guitar lines and tasteful strings. Brilliantly accomplished. BoomTown Saints is a duo comprised of Chris Ramos and Ben Chism.


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