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Review: BoomTown Saints Release Spitfire 'All Trucks Go To Heaven' Single

Markos Papadatos || Digital Journal

BoomTown Saints will release their new moving and gritty country single “All Trucks Go To Heaven” via 8 Track Entertainment.

This musical duo is comprised of Chris Ramos and Ben Chism. The fusion of Chris’ energetic stage presence and broad vocal range with Ben’s smooth and soulful vocals and distinguishable southern drawl yields an undeniable charisma between the two. Consummate entertainers and true road warriors, the duo has honed their live performances.

“All Trucks Go to Heaven” is a poignant love tune that is rooted in real life, and it connects on an emotional level. The song was co-written by hit songwriters Jeremy Bussey, Taylor Phillips, and Benjamin Stennis.

BoomTown Saints knows how to bring the party and entertain the fans. Their innovative artistry, elite musicianship, and precise multi-part harmonies make their high-energy show exceptional from the very first song.

Their brand of southern rock/rocking country continues to resonate with a growing fan base as they crisscross the country entertaining audiences nationwide.

“All Trucks Go To Heaven” is available on digital service providers by their Linktree page. It garners two giant thumbs up.


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